catch fire

A sculptural work created by weaving copper wire with bamboo; the form reaches to the third dimension in a layered, tubular meandering.  Bamboo grass from Japan has been manipulated using basketry techniques and incorporated for visual contrast, metaphor, and structural integrity. This work is about process and the interplay of light and materials.  The lines that twist and turn give movement and activity, echoing the dance of fire.


The earthy hues of the sasa (bamboo grass) leaves and stems point to the natural world and the mystical East and are juxtaposed with the copper of the wire that signifies heat, energy, and the industrial West.  One might assume that wire would support bamboo, indicating the necessity of industry; yet paradoxically, the sag of the wire weave requires the strength of the bamboo to remain upright. An engaging and transformative interplay of materials, this woven wire sculpture allows the viewer’s eye to travel throughout the layers of copper and leaf, through fluidity and structure.  This is a bonfire of movement, mind activity and light, held steady and grounded with stalk and stick. 


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%22Catch Fire%22 - woven wire sculpture (13%22 x 17%22 x 4%22) Jaime Murdoch 2014.jpg
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